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We strive to be the best in our field and hope to be the number one choice for customers in Adelaide in the domestic, commercial and industrial market sectors.

With years of cabling knowledge and experience amongst our cablers we are able to offer great advice and solutions.

We're proudly South Australian with a mission to provide all our clients with a smile on their face and a sense of value for their money.


Data Cabling

All About MDF Jumpering?

During an ADSL and/or PSTN line installation process, your provider will arrange to have a Telstra contractor identify and connect the line with a card 'tagged' at the Main Distribution Frame or "MDF". This then allows a private registered ACMA Technician, such as GC Data, to identify that line and connect it through to your premises.

A tagged line at the MDF should contain all the appropriate information for your private technician, including;

The name on the order
The phone number of the line being connected (If appropriate)
The order number associated with the service
The date when the line was connected and tagged
Cable details - more information for your technician

You will then need to call us to come onsite and then we will:

Discuss your individual needs
Assess your cabling
Locate the MDF
Identify the phone line from your premises to the MDF
Identify the tagged line that your provider has organised at the MDF
Test your cabling from the MDF for any faults and rectify if required (extra costs may be incurred)
Connect the tagged phone line with your service to your premises
Test the phone point inside your premises for dial tone or DSL sync

Cabletecs technicians are highly experienced in connecting phone lines, they generally don’t have any issues when connecting lines onsite. On the odd occasion, however, in the big apartment buildings, they may have difficulty locating a hidden MDF or one that is locked.

So that our technicians can perform their job in an efficient manner, it would be helpful if you can ensure that we have full access to the MDF upon arrival. If the MDF is locked, then we will need a key to gain access, which may be obtained from the building manager. It may be useful to have their contact number, in case they are not onsite.

Example of a typical commercial MDF. The white plastic strips are Krone strips containing 10 pairs or 10 lines each. Each Column of these strips is known as a 'Vertical' and are alphabetised from Left to Right. In this example you have Vertical A, B, C and D. Vertitcal A usually contains the incoming Telstra cable and B, C and D are usually cables to each tenancy. The red and white wires in between each vertical represent a 'jumper'. These jumpers will connect a pair on the 'A Vertical' to a pair on one of the B, C or D verticals which would typically run to a socket in a unit or office in the same building.

Domestic Data Cabling Adelaide

Copper Cat 5e/6/6a and Fibre Optic
Cabletecs install all types of data cabling. We install Cat 5e through to Cat 6a and even firbe optic into homes and businesses. at 7. Whether it be 1point or 100 points we can help with all of your domestic cabling needs. Telephone, Data, Security & Access Control, CCTV Systems,Multi-Room Audio Distribution, Hi-Fi and Video Distribution, Aiphone Intercom Systems and Wireless Networks and Access Points are all services we proudly offer to our customers. We provide professional cabling services to all 3 market sectors: Residential, Commercial and Industrial.  Specifically we services customers such as;

Public Domestic Houses
Government Departments
Schools & Learning Centres
Health Services
Industrial & Mining

New Home Data & Voice Cabling
If you are considering cabling your new home for telephone, computer data, audio & visual, ducted vacuum system and/or security then it will be a lot easier to do these things from the 'framing' stage of your build. Wwe sell data and phone cabling in adelaidee recommend that when installing your cabling that you use a high quality brand name cable in the Category 6 (Cat 6) range. Not only will Cat 6 allow you to run multiple and interchangeable applications it is also the current standard in data cabling. Cat 6 cable can be used for a multitude of applications around the home such as;

Security & Access Control
CCTV Surveillance
Multi-Room Audio Distribution
Hi-Fi and Video Systems

Sebury Code Pad.  We sell data and phone cabliing in Adelaide

Office Voice & Data Fitouts
Our technicians are experienced in all facets of telephone telecommunications from simple home phone line sockets and line repairs up to ADSL and ISDN fault repairs and Key Telephone and PABX installations, modifications and repairs. Telephone extensions, EFTpos line installation, programming phone systems or just adding an extra socket to your home or business, whatever the need one of our qualified team members can assist you with your needs.

Cabletecs are qualified ACMA telephone technicians and can work on all residential and commercial telephone cabling, lines and systems. Some of our common services include:

Telephone Sockets
EFTpos Lines
Fax Points
Phone System Repair
MDF Jumpers
MDF Replacement
ADSL Central FIlters
Mode 3 Alarm Sockets
Lead-in Cable Trenching
Phone Ringer Bells
VoIP Lines
ADSL Boosting
ISDN Lines
GSM Diallers

If you are having trouble with your phone line for ADSL, phone, fax, Eftpos, alarm system or simply would like an additional phone or data point, please call our office and one of our friendly staff will assist you with your enquiry. If you require business phone line cabling, our phone technicians will be able to assess and advise on the most efficient installation method and to suit the office/building and your needs.

Home Distributors
Homes now days are becoming dependant on data cables & access to phone/data in more than just the office. Having a centrally located 'demarcation' point for your phone and internet services means you can provide access to phone and internet throughtout the home from this one central area. we sell data and phone cabling in adelaide

Sitting Down At Floor Plan Stage
It's imperrative to sit down during the planning stage to best plot your cabling needs. By assisting you with a structured cabling solution on your floor plans means we can get it right from beginning. From there we can translate that to your final outcome. If it's on the plans then it isn't going to get missed.

When you are building or renovating and you decide to get cabling installed, always make sure you get enough. Our rule of thumb is to cable your home to ensure all your possible requirement both now and down the track. As a guide, here's what we suggest as 'standard' installation;

2 x cables to each bedroom
4 x cables to each lounge/living room
1 x cable to the kitchen bench
2 x cables to Garage/Shed/Outdoor Area

So, in an average 4 bedroom home that equates to 15 cables as aminimum. Naturally, your house is entirely your blank canvas and you should ensure that it meets your specific requirements for day to day living. Just remember that in the future your home may require a little more dependency on data cables, for instance - media streaming, audio, telephones, home automation and so on. Don't let it be too late, - once the walls are up it is often too late.

we install data cabling in adelaide
IP Phones/ Telephone Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
NBN Cabling we install data cabling in adelaide Network Sockets
we install data cabling in adelaide
  MDF/IDF connections and New Design
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Data Cabinets/ Racks and Servers we install data cabling in adelaide NBN Setup and Restorations
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cabling Repairs
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Automations and Integration we install data cabling in adelaide Wireless Access Points
we install data cabling in adelaide   Data Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
  EFTpos Sockets we install data cabling in adelaide Smart Wiring For New Buildings
we install data cabling in adelaide
Audio/ Video Intercom Systems
we install data cabling in adelaide
Cable Certification we install data cabling in adelaide TV Anetnnas and Foxtel
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Point to Point Wireless Link
we install data cabling in adelaide
  SCADA Machinery Cabling we install data cabling in adelaide Remote CCTV Solutions
we install data cabling in adelaide   Bosch Security Systems
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8 Installations we install data cabling in adelaide Site Telecommunicaiton Audits
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Dahua and Hikvision CCTV
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Fibre Optic Termnation/ Installations we install data cabling in adelaide HD Distribution


 Data Cabling Adelaide and Data Cablers Adelaide

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